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Chris Morris dares to take on Jihadi terrorism in his grimly funny film debut...

Amiable, girl-powered sports flick from Drew Barrymore...

Polanski takes on Robert Harris’ anti-Blair satire...

Nic Cage at his ludicrous best in enjoyably violent comic-book adaptation...

WMD political action thriller ultimately comes up empty-handed ...

Martin Scorsese finds his way in the unfamiliar territory of gothic noir – set in a mental asylum...

Rings master brings another best-seller to the big screen

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We review Jeff Bridges' Oscar-nominated performance as a washed up Country singer...

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Oscar-nominated doc reveals all about what you eat!

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Clint Eastwood restages Nelson Mandela's role in South Africa's Rugby World Cup triumph

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Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge on the magical powers of the guitar

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Language of revenge explored by Sexy Beast writers

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George Clooney excels in darkly funny romcom

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Impeccably gauged adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer-winning novel

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