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Strange Daze

Quirky, trippy rom-com from Magnolia/Boogie Nights director

Score 4

True Lies

Extraordinary, inspired madness from the Being John Malkovich team

Score 5


Gritty cop thriller favours style over surprises

Score 2


Disappointing biopic of legendary Mexican painter

Score 2


Slow-burning but majestic Mexican drama

Score 4

Love Liza

Seymour Hoffman tour de force as grieving loner

Score 3

Street Fighting Men

Scorsese's much-anticipated, brutal epic blazes beautifully across the screen

Score 4

Ghost Ship

Hackneyed, supernatural horror yarn

Score 2

Ghetto Life

Polanski's heartfelt hymn to Polish suffering in WWII Warsaw

Score 3


DIRECTED BY David Cronenberg STARRING Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Gabriel Byrne, Lynn Redgrave Opens January 3, Cert 15, 99 mins Over the years, with films like Rabid, Videodrome, Crash and…