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Le Souffle

OPENS APRIL 11, CERT 15, 77 MINS Damien Odoul's debut feature is a coming-of-age film with a difference. Shot in black and white, full of violent and surreal imagery, it…

Score 3

Heavy Traffick

Devastating teenage-abuse-hell drama from director of Together

Score 4

Blue Crush

Grittier-than-average surfer-girl romance

Score 3

Brooklyn Heights

Lee's lofty adaptation of gritty 24-hour crime novel takes on the shadows of 9/11

Score 5


OPENS APRIL 25, CERT 15, 106 MINS Everything about this slice of uber-trash is insane. Remember John McNaughton's Wild Things—so over-the-top that it was both atrocious and brilliant? Trapped is…

Score 3

The Core

OPENED MARCH 28, CERT 12A, 135 MINS The Earth's molten core has stopped spinning, and this is a Bad Thing, with knock-on effects that will kill off humanity within a…

Score 3


DIRECTED BY Juan Carlos Fresnadillo STARRING Max Von Sydow, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Eusebio Poncela Opens April 11, Cert 15, 108 Mins Coming on like a cross between David Fincher's The Game…

Score 4

Russian Ark

Time-travelling movie filmed in a single, uncut shot

Score 5

Phone Booth

Ingenious, high-concept thriller sees Joel Schumacher back on top of his game

Score 4


Adaptation of Spike Milligan's cult 1963 novel

Score 2

In This World

Afghans' odyssey puts the asylum-seeker problem into human context

Score 4

The Recruit

DIRECTED BY Roger Donaldson STARRING Al Pacino, Colin Farrell, Bridget Moynahan Opens March 28, Cert 12A, 114 mins When Colin Farrell signs up as a trainee CIA operative in Roger…

Score 3