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Walking Tall

The Rock in remake of seminal '73 revenge movie

Score 3

Bon Voyage

Romantic farce set around WWII occupation of France

Score 3

Live And Learn

DIRECTED BY Pedro Almodóvar STARRING Gael García Bernal, Fele Martínez, Javier Cámara Opens May 21, Cert 18, 104 mins By all accounts, Pedro Almodóvar has worked on Bad Education for…

Score 3

Fatal Distraction

The director of Get Carter gets back with the British mobsters

Score 3


The strangely familiar downfall of John Holmes

Score 3

The Second Coming

Second instalment of Tarantino's "roaring rampage of revenge" is a little heavy on the dialogue

Score 3

Taking Lives

Enjoyable, suspenseful thriller starring Angelina Jolie

Score 4


Bergmanesque drama from Canada

Score 2


Lugubrious Cannes prize-winner from Turkey

Score 3

Occult Status

BFI re-release of cult classic plays London before rolling across the country

Score 5