Dark Water

Classic ghost story from Ring writer and director

Score 4


Engrossing parable of how the young Hitler's 'artistic' ideas went askew

Score 4

Biker Boyz

OPENS 27 JUNE, CERT 12A, 111 MINS Put The Fast And The Furious on two wheels and you'll have this laughably po-faced tale of illegal street-racing among LA's biker fraternity.…

Score 2

Slay With Me

Uncompromising tale of crime and punishment

Score 5


Coming-of-age tale set in 1970s New Zealand

Score 2

Dirty Deeds

Hyperactive crime caper from Down Under

Score 2

Motel California

Killer whodunnit thriller couples smart noir with plenty of blood

Score 4

Acne Rebel

Archly satirical tale of disenchanted teenage slacker

Score 4

Let’s Get Metaphysical

The Wachowski brothers' kick-ass cyber-noir sequel bows to mainstream demands but still delivers

Score 3


OPENS JUNE 20, CERT 15, 98 MINS Hated drill instructor Samuel Jackson and most of his squad disappear on a basic training mission in the jungle and disgraced DEA agent…

Score 3