The Genius Of Bob Dylan

I’ve been away this week, and was amazed when I got back to discover the continuing contributions to the Is This Bob Dylan’s Greatest-Ever Vocal Performance debate.

Countdown to Latitude…The Hold Steady

THE HOLD STEADY Craig Finn’s righteously sweaty and road-hardened gang are a firm favourite of Uncut and it’s easy to see why.

Richard Hawley, Sheffield and “Lady’s Bridge”

Unlike some music journalists, I'm not hugely sentimental about where I come from. I've worked with people who've been pathologically loyal to the music that comes out of their hometowns, in a way which seemed to contradict their actual taste. Of course, the fact that the musical riches of North Nottinghamshire are pretty skimpy might have something to do with it.

Countdown to Latitude…Bat For Lashes

BAT FOR LASHES Brighton belle Natasha Khan is “Bat” and any possible doubts about the fairy wings and floral hair decorations she and her three musicians often favour will be dispelled as soon as they begin their set in the Obelisk Arena at Latitude on Saturday.

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