Depeche Mode Frontman Working On 2nd Solo LP

'Hourglass' features two of the DM band and Tony Hoffer

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Dave Gahan has revealed that he is currently in the studio working on his second solo album ‘ Hourglass’, which is due for release through Depeche Mode’s label Mute, in October.

The follow-up to his 2003 solo acclaimed album ‘Paper Monsters’, the is being made during the band’s ‘downtime’ between albums and tours.

Featuring contributions from Depeche Mode touring band members; drummer Christian Eigner and guitarist Andrew Phillpott, the album is expected to be more electronic sounding than Gahan’s first.


Gahan says: “Christian plays drums and Andrew can easily find his way around bass and guitar–and then we’re basically cutting all this stuff up and fucking with it by using ProTools, effects and all kinds of stuff. Accidents do happen, and they’re good.”

Tony Hoffer, who has previously worked with Beck and Air is onboard to start mixing the album next month.

The album’s track titles include:


‘Saw Something’

‘Use You’


‘21 Days’

‘A Little Lie’

‘Deeper and Deeper’

‘Love Will Leave’





More information available here from Dave Gahan’s official website


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