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Robert Wyatt interviewed: “I’m not a born rebel…”

Today (January 28, 2015), social media reliably informs me that Robert Wyatt is 70, which seems a reasonable justification for reposting this long and, I hope, interesting transcript of an interview I did with him at home in Louth back in 2007, a little before the marvellous “Comicopera” was released. It begins with Wyatt discussing, of all things, Big Brother...

Robert Wyatt: “I couldn’t have been a pop musician – you’re told what to do and you have to fit into a format”

Robert Wyatt, speaking in the new issue of Uncut, reveals that he could never have been a pop star, despite scoring a 1974 hit with a cover of The Monkees’ “I’m A Believer”.

Robert Wyatt, Ros Stephen, Gilad Atzmon: “The Ghosts Within”

I was reading over this interview with Robert Wyatt today, thinking about “The Ghosts Within”, and about how he flourishes as a collaborator with friends, but not as a bandmember. “The trouble with a band is I can’t take orders and I can’t give orders,” he said around the time of “Comicopera”. “So there’s no comfortable role for me in a band, whereas on a project I think, well, if they’ve asked me I shall try and do whatever it is they’ve imagined me doing. As close as possible. There’s no pressure on me. I try and do what they want.”

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