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Classic curveball detective thriller is re-released

Score 4

Bus 174

Astonishing documentary about hijacking in Brazil

Score 4

Les Diables

Disturbing French incest-and-insanity shocker

Score 1

Get Back

Charlie Kaufman takes it all the way in a memorable marvel

Score 5

Femme Fatale

Graphically drawn portrait of a serial killer

Score 4

Sins Of The Father

Excruciating but riveting documentary about an American family torn apart by accusations of paedophilia

Score 4


OPENS APRIL 2, CERT 15,99 MINS Halle Berry plays a prison psychologist whose most interesting patient (Penélope Cruz) claims she's being raped by the Devil. While she ponders this, Berry…

Score 3

Blind Flight

Worthy take on Keenan/McCarthy hostage crisis

Score 3


Man and horse in perfect harmony

Score 1

Heavy Soul

Mexican maestro's world-class comeback

Score 4


Deadpan Canadian metallers mockumentary

Score 3

The Good Old Naughty Days

Starring some nuns, a pair of naughty schoolgirls, a dog, and an animated man with a huge willy

Score 3