The Damned

The Damned’s Smash It Up: “It’s about frothy lager… hardly a call to revolution”

“This is when Captain found his ear!” In 1979, the reformed London punks were shunted off to a studio to “make some noise” – result: a hippy-baiting powerpop hit of complex proportions.

The Damned: “We never listened to much punk”

The Damned reveal how they created their classic 1979 single, “Smash It Up”, in the new issue of Uncut, dated May 2014 and out now.

May 2014

The feature on William Burroughs in this month's issue by John Robinson made me think of some of the bands who took their names from Burroughs' books, most famously The Soft Machine, Steely Dan, and Grant Hart's Nova Mob

The Damned – Tiki Nightmare: Live In London 2002

The Damned were always a proficient and exciting live band, and they still are. However, their air of danger disappeared with Rat Scabies, and it's disturbing to find a keyboard-playing goon with a perm and a drummer in a gorilla costume compounding Sensible's permissible buffoonery.

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