Latitude 2009

Latitude: Jeffrey Lewis

One of the highlights of Saturday was undoubtedly Jeffrey Lewis, New York anti-folk hero, poet, comic book artist and general raconteur.

Latitude: Thom Yorke

A rare-as hen’s teeth solo set from Thom Yorke kicked off proceedings on the Obelisk Stage at midday. The Radiohead frontman performed a set on guitar and grand piano, drawing on tracks from his debut solo album, 2006’s Eraser, a handful of Radiohead tracks, and some lesser-known tracks, including one new composition and a few seldom-played gems and fan favourites Yorke described as “left on the shelf”.

Latitude: Uncut’s top ten Saturday highlights

So Saturday's been and gone - but (in no particular order) here's the UNCUT team's top ten highlights of Latitude's second day...

Latitude: Broken Records, DM Stith, Airborne Toxic Event, The XX

There's less of the pushchairs and families at this year’s Latitude, but the site seems busier than ever - enough people to give Broken Records a pretty large crowd on the main Obelisk Arena stage.

Overheard Conversations at Latitude: Part 3

They're at it again, those outdoor orators who bring their own brand of insight and wisdom to Latitude. Join us once more in a flurry of eaves-dropping...

Latitude: Spiritualized

Watching Spiritualized headline the UNCUT Arena at the end of Latitude day two, with an astonishing set of heavy, psychedelic noise, I’m reminded of the first and the last time I saw Jason Pierce play live.

Grace Jones headlines Latitude!

It's 20 minutes past the scheduled start-time for the main arena headliner, and our Saturday night diva has yet to emerge from behind the black curtain covering the front of the stage. Grace Jones, a woman whose concept of punctuality has traditionally been a little on the abstract side, may not yet have reached the level of fashionably late, but she's certainly crossed a line towards trendily tardy.

Latitude: Camera Obscura, Passion Pit

Reports on an indie-pop institution and the hottest band in blogland, fresh from Suffolk's dusty fields...

Hola from Latitude (3)

Anyway, I arrange to meet a friend down at the Obelisk stage to catch Broken Music, who she’s recently seen playing to about four people in Manchester but thinks will be worth having another look at.

Latitude: Doves and White Lies

I remarked yesterday of the rather neat symmetry that took me to Fever Ray and Bat For Lashes. Well, something similar has happened again this evening. This time, it’s White Lies and Doves, who followed each other at the Obelisk Arena and who both, in admittedly different ways, are exponents on a similar style of music.

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