Latitude 2009

Vivienne Westwood’s Active Resistance

Waves of blinding camera flashes and unbridled shrieks of worship greet the grand dame as she emerges from behind a curtain, in a scene straight from an old time Hollywood movie premiere. But this is not Rita Hayworth or Lauren Bacall, but national treasure Vivienne Westwood, who has come to Latitude's literary tent to read from her "cultural manifesto".

Latitude photo blog; Saturday’s Latitude views

So, day two at Latitude Festival, and a chance to wander around the site ensconced in full on sunshine - there are many little nooks all over the site. Come see...

Latitude: Random stuff!

Here's some random lists of things we've seen while out and about on site, assembled by the UNCUT Latitude work team. That's us.

Latitude: Wildbirds And Peacedrums, Marnie Stern, St Vincent

Just back from the Uncut Stage, which has hosted some pretty remarkable performances so far today.

Janeane Garofalo pulls comedy set

Janeane Garofalo cut short her Saturday afternoon set in Latitude's comedy tent because of the poor reception she was given by the audience. The American comedienne's rare UK live appearance was expected to be one of the highlights in a strong comic line-up, but she failed to win over the festival crowd.

Latitude: Simon Armitage

Predictably, perhaps, the afternoon’s biggest draw – so far, at least – is for Simon Armitage. At 2pm, the Poetry Tent is rammed, with the crowd extending about 20 people deep around the perimeter. One curious passer-by asks my neighbour who’s on. “Simon Armitage,” says the guy standing next to me. “Sorry,” says the passer-by, “I don’t know who he is.” “He’s only the most important poet since Andrew Motion.” “You’ve lost me. Who’s Andrew Motion?” “Obviously,” comes the withering reply, “you never studied GSCE English at the start of the Noughties…”

Hola From Latitude (2)

It’s an early start for everyone today, so not long after what seems like daybreak I am making my way down the leafy trail to the Uncut Arena to see Wildbirds And Peacedrums, about whom a I know as much as I do the internal working of the combustion engine. On my unsteady way, I notice a sign someone’s pinned to a tree that say I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MY RECORD COLLECTION, a declaration of affection so passionate it must be an exaggeration.

Latitude: Overheard Conversations 2

We've been ear-wigging on your behalf again, to bring you sagest, most insightful snippets of overheard conversations. Behold, the latest musings from Latitude's fields of philosophers.

Latitude: Band Of Skulls

An early Saturday highlight, for me at any rate, is Band Of Skulls, playing in the Sunrise Arena down in the woods. Such a bucolic setting might seem entirely incongruous for a band who specialize in sinewy, blues rock. And at such an early hour, too, when most people are still digesting their breakfasts. Yet, amazingly, it works.

Latitude: 7 reasons why this festival isn’t like other festivals

Just to give you an idea of what it’s like at Latitude when you’re not watching bands, a few things I’ve seen wandering about the site in the last 24 hours.

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