Latitude 2009

Uncut’s Ultimate Latitude 2009 Review!

So, the fourth edition of Latitude is over and you've been home for the hot soapy shower-of-your-life after four nights camping in a field in Suffolk - here, then, is Uncut 's Ultimate Latitude Review! We've been blogging our way throughout the weekend, so catch up with all the news, gossip and photos here!

Latitude: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds play dirty

“Thank you, photographers,” says Nick Cave to the snappers in the pit in front of the stage, pointing to his right cheek. “Only print the ones from this side of my face.” It’s a rare moment of light-hearted banter, although he does later decline a punter’s song request, claiming the track in question has “too many chords for old men like us!”. It would appear he and The Bad Seeds are a little fatigued, after promoting Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! for the best part of 18 months, but they’ve still got just about enough in the tank to bring Latitude to a memorably electrifying close.

Hola From Latitude (5) Magazine

Magazine, who I last saw on the opening night of the Secondhand Daylight tour in Brighton, when they played as far as I know for the first time the truly scary “Permafrost”, a song Howard Devoto spent most of the drive down to the south coast describing to me , and I think I’ve got this right all these years on, as an essay in sheer terror.

Latitude: Editors

The vision of half a dozen St Etienne fans waving Foxbase Alpha placards near the stage of the Obelisk arena confuses at first, until some sympathetic soul obviously whispers in their ear that they’re at the wrong part of the site, and they embarrassingly shuffle off towards the Uncut arena. For this is the hour of Editors, who may employ similar synth-like keyboards to Bob Stanley’s crew, but for less summery purposes.

Latitude: !!!, The Gossip

Latitude closed tonight with headline sets from two of America’s greatest dance bands.

Latitude: The Vaselines/St Etienne

To the UNCUT Arena, then, and the Vaselines and St Etienne. Two bands who, although wildly different in sound and execution both, astonishingly, emerged from the same kind of cultural environment.

Hola From Latitude (4): The Gaslight Anthem

I’d been telling anyone who’d listen over the last few weeks and more in the build-up to Latitude that New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem in the right circumstances might be the surprise hit of the festival, especially after headline-grabbing sets at Glastonbury and Hyde Park, where they were joined onstage by Bruce Springsteen, who in turn had Anthem frontman Brian Fallon share the spotlight with him and the E Street Band on “No Surrender”.

Latitude: Tricky, Phoenix

Unfortunately, the Uncut Arena is running late, so we only manage to see a sliver of Tricky's set before we have to dash off to see some other acts - we can definitely confirm it was pretty bonkers, as you'd expect from trip-hop's most eccentric talent.

Latitude: Alela Diane, Gurrumul, The Rumble Strips

As the sky threatens to rain, we head into the safety of the Uncut tent to see Alela Diane.

Latitude: Wild Beasts

Just got back from Wild Beasts at the Obelisk Arena and it’s started tipping it down. After yesterday’s broadly sunny, hot weather, the heavens have clearly decided enough is enough. Still, without wishing to turn this into a Met Office update, let’s just say that the sun stayed out long enough to let us enjoy Wild Beasts.

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