Bob Dylan’s Rough And Rowdy Ways Tour continues! Show 9: Berlin, Night 3

Read the setlist for the third show at Berlin's Verti Music Hall

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Bob Dylan‘s Rough And Rowdy Ways Tour continues to make its way through Europe.

Last night [October 7], Dylan and his band performed the third of three shows at Berlin’s Verti Music Hall, Germany.

Previously, the tour has stopped at:


Oslo Spektrum, Norway on September 25

Avicii Arena, Stockholm, Sweden on September 27

Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden on September 29


Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark on September 30

Flens-Arena, Flensburg, Germany on October 2

GETEC Arena, Magdeburg, Germany on October 3

Verti Music Hall, Berlin, Germany on October 5

Verti Music Hall, Berlin, Germany on October 6

According to Boblinks, the setlist for Dylan and his band in Berlin was:

Watching The River Flow (Bob on piano)
Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine) (Bob on piano)
I Contain Multitudes (Bob on piano)
False Prophet (Bob on piano)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (Bob on piano with full backing band)
Black Rider (Bob on piano)
My Own Version of You (Bob on piano)
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob on piano)
Crossing The Rubicon (Bob on piano)
To Be Alone With You (Bob on piano)
Key West (Philosopher Pirate) (Bob on piano)
Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob on piano)
I’ve Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You (Bob on piano)
That Old Black Magic (Bob on piano)
Mother of Muses (Bob on piano)
Goodbye Jimmy Reed (Bob on piano)
Band introductions (Bob on piano)
Every Grain of Sand (Bob on piano)

According to depp99, a poster on Expecting Rain, “Had the feeling that Bob and the band were 100% feeling it tonight, though there was more interaction with the audience yesterday. My favorite performance from Berlin #3 was ‘Crossing The Rubicon’. Spectacular performance. Bob was totally on point. Loved his diction. Also love the snarling bass Tony plays during the song. But actually the whole show was on a very high level.
“No ‘Thank you, art lovers’ comment tonight, but that hilarious ‘We just had to do that one. It was a request!’ after ‘That Old Black Magic’. Unlike the last two shows, Bob also made some comments during the band introductions. I didn’t understand all of it, but Donnie Herron was introduced as playing both the steel guitar and the violin – ‘Two very similar instruments!’. Bob also mentioned Wilson Pickett and his song ‘In The Midnight Hour’ during Doug Lancio’s introduction. Does anyone know what that was about? I don’t think there were special comments for Tony and Charley.”

Said Clothes Line Sage, ‘I Contain Multitudes’ is not one of my favourites from RARW, but tonight’s performance really resonated with me and I was surprised to find myself getting a little bit teary-eyed during it. My Own Version of You, I’ve Made Up My Mind, Mother of Muses, and Every Grain of Sand were all stellar tonight. Maybe it was me, but there seemed to be quite a wistful tone to Bob’s delivery at times, particularly on lines like ‘how much longer can it last, how long can this go on?’ and ‘A lot of people gone – a lot of people goooone – people I knew’.”

Dylan’s next show is on Sunday, October 9 at the Yayla Arena, Krefeld, Germany. He reaches the UK on October 19, for a 12-date tour that includes four nights at the London Palladium. This will be Bob’s first UK tour for five years.


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