The 26th Uncut Playlist Of 2010

Some respite, finally, from the Great Lost goose chase – though I probably should reassure JB23 that Miracle Legion’s “Me And Mr Ray” makes it into the 50 list we’ve published in the new Uncut.

Pearl Jam, The Gaslight Anthem: Hard Rock Calling, London Hyde Park, June 25, 2010

The first thing you would have noticed arriving in Hyde Park last Frday to see Pearl Jam is how many more people there appear to be than were here for last year’s Hard Rock Calling weekend, the size of the crowd, a hint of mob surliness and the press of people at the front of the stage something of a concern later for a visibly worried Eddie Vedder. It’s almost 10 years to the day, after all, since nine Pearl Jam fans were crushed to death during the band’s performance on June 30, 2000, at the Rosskilde festival, over there in Denmark. No wonder at one point he looks so rattled.

Uncut Readers’ Great Lost Albums: Part One

As promised… Yesterday I posted Uncut’s original Top 50 Great Lost Albums. This week’s new issue of the mag will feature the responses of our readers, with another 50 albums that are currently unavailable.

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