Uncut Readers’ Great Lost Albums: Part One

As promised… Yesterday I posted Uncut’s original Top 50 Great Lost Albums. This week’s new issue of the mag will feature the responses of our readers, with another 50 albums that are currently unavailable.

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As promised… Yesterday I posted Uncut’s original Top 50 Great Lost Albums. This week’s new issue of the mag will feature the responses of our readers, with another 50 albums that are currently unavailable.

The weight and quality of your suggestions, though, meant we couldn’t fit them all into the mag, so here’s another 50-odd. Thanks again for all your contributions.


1. Marc Almond: Stories Of Johnny and Mother Fist And His five daughters. CD issue 1997

Marc Almond’s ‘80s masterpieces. Knowing how dynamic Almond’s output was during the period , a two-CD release with extra tracks would be most welcome.

Ian Williams


2. Delaney Bramlett: Class Reunion

Suggested by Lee Cohn. Not much Delaney and Bonnie available at all, it seems: Lee also mentions Delaney Bramlett And Blue Diamond, “Giving Birth To A Song”, and Bonnie Bramlett’s “Memories.

3. Colorblind James Experience: S/t and Why Should I Stand Up

From Rochester, NY, Chuck Cuminale (Colorblind James) was a favorite of John Peel’s. CJE’s “Dance Critters” single reached number 10 on the UK Indie Chart, while their albums Colorblind James Experience and Why Should I Stand Up reached numbers 5 and 13 respectively. Best known song may be “I’m Considering A Move to Memphis.” Found the cassette on ebay for twenty bucks :

Looking forward to CJ getting some props in your magazine.

Mike Zobel, Rochester, NY USA

4. The Fleshtones: Roman Gods and Hexbreaker

Another pair of records that haven’t even seen a release on CD are The Fleshtones’ Roman Gods and Hexbreaker. Granted, they never achieved worldwide success like some of their other IRS labelmates (The Go-Go’s, Oingo Boingo, and REM, to name a few) but they are in fact two of the finest rock (or Super-Rock, in their own parlance) records ever produced. Not quite a revival rock act, nor a New Wave band, the Fleshtones were just… well, just a damn good rock band. Snotty without being elitist, and upbeat without being sappy, the music of the Fleshtones was (and still is; the boys are still at it and as good as they ever were) just about the most fun music ever pressed to a vinyl disc.

Shaun Doniger, San Diego, California

5. From Danny & Dusty:The Lost Weekend (1985)

Liked a lot the article about lost albums and the first that came to my mind and specially ’cause it got the “lost” word into the title and secondly ’cause it is a great record. From Danny & Dusty: The Lost Weekend (1985) You just could buy it thru eBay, no less than 40$.

Enric Manez

6. Grin (Nils Lofgren): “1+1” and “All Out” (twofer CD, 1997)

Suggested by Daniel Brøndberg

7. GTO’s Permanent Damage (Straight 1969 and Enigma 1991)

Suggested by Paul Longarini

8. David Lindley: Mr. Dave

Suggested by Michael Stephenson, Homossasa, Florida by way of Australia. Much of Lindley’s solo catalogue looks out of print.

9. Linn County

The entire output of the psychedelic-era Bay Area jazzy-blues group, suggested by Lee Cohn: Linn County “Proud Flesh Soothseer”, ”Fever Shot”, “Till The Break Of Dawn”. Plus an eponymous album by Stephen Miller, Linn County’s organ player, recorded with Elvin Bishop, Earl Hooker, Grinderswitch.

10. Nick Lowe: Labour Of Lust

Considering his name is in bold print in a pull-quote from the Dave Edmunds interview in the very same issue , I found it strange you overlooked Nick Lowe’s excellent “Labour Of Lust” in your list of greatest out-of-print albums. Aside from being a fantastic record on par with “Jesus Of Cool” (or “Pure Pop For Now People” as we know it in the States), it’s the one with Nick’s signature tune, “Cruel To Be Kind”. Not that the vinyl is terribly hard to come by in reputable record shops, but it seems odd this one hasn’t had the “remastered” treatment, or at the very least been made available for download.

Shaun Doniger, San Diego, California

Allan Jones adds: “Just checked on Amazon and mint copies of ‘Labour Of Lust’ are on sale for £82. Two other of Nick’s Demon albums seem to be out of print also – ‘Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit (£42.95)” and “Rose Of England” (£96.95!),. the best tracks from each are inlcuded on the many Nick anthologies, but the individual albums aren’t available.”

11. Mandre: first three albums on Motown, late ‘70s, sci-fi funk

Here are a few albums that don’t seem to have made it to CD: The first 3 sci-funk albums by Mandre (AKA Andre Lewis) on Motown. George Lucas originally planned the Star Wars soundtrack to feature funk music, including Mandre.

Interesting that OutKast singer Andre 3000 had a very similar name to the first Mandre album of Mandre 3000!

Ian Pyper

12. Dave Mason: Dave Mason Is Alive (1974 live album)

Suggested by Lee Cohn.

13. Misty In Roots: Live At Counter Eurovision 1979 (1990 CD)

Bit late with this, sorry, but Misty In Roots Live At Counter Eurovision 1979 is not only the greatest lost album, it’s also the greatest reggae album and greatest live album to boot!

Alasdair MacHardy

14. Moby Grape: 20 Granite Creek (1971 Reprise £20)

How come this wonderful Lp hasn’t yet been reissued ? Because of the ex-manager ? It is great with one Chinese instrumental track written no less by Mr Skip Spence!!

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