Karen Elson: “The Ghost Who Walks”

This is pretty good, I think. Wasn’t terribly enamoured by the last thing I heard from Karen Elson, the Mildred & The Mice seven-inch, but this is nice, faintly menaced country pop, with some kinship, perhaps, to Neko Case.

The 8th Uncut Playlist Of 2010

Thanks for your forbearance and kind words with regard to Joanna Newsom; it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts as you hear and live with “Have One On Me” for a while.

Prins Thomas: “Prins Thomas”

One of the albums I played most in 2009 was “II” by Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, and in fact I got pretty hooked on everything Hans-Peter Lindstrøm had done. It was easy to assume that Lindstrøm, allegedly the musician, was the more prog and kosmische inclined, while Prins Thomas, allegedly the DJ, brought the disco imperative.

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