Michael Bonner

20 minutes until The Who!

OK, it's getting very exciting backstage. The biggest tour bus in the world has just hoved into view, and a suited chap, who looks like he probably knew the Krays back in the day, is purposefully standing in front of the door.

Knowsley Hall — Greetings from Liverpool!

"Don't start! This is my best shirt. And me mum's dead..."

Off to Knowsley Hall!

Hey, more festival fun to come... Our intrepid picture editor, May, and myself are off to Knowsley Hall tomorrow morning, and we'll be bringing you blogs and news from this latest addition to the growing list of festivals, located in the grounds of a stately home outside Liverpool.

Yippie kay yay — or why this blog loves BRUCE WILLIS

Out of all the burger-chain owning, cigar-chewing Eighties' action heroes, Bruce Willis was always the one I had the most time for.

The view from Latitude

Apart from all the music at last year's Latitude Festival -- and the comedy, the cabaret the poetry, and the gentle rummage through the Sunday papers in the Literary Arena -- I was naturally inclined towards the doings in the Film Arena.

Waiting for a little more Sunshine…

... Or: Where's this year's Great American Indie flick?

Clooney, Pitt and Pacino — how Ocean’s 13 saves the multiplex this month

It ends, pretty much, with fireworks and Sinatra, somewhat appropriate, you would think, for a film series that privileges Vegas cool over substance like the Oceans movies do.

What’s hot from this year’s Cannes Film Festival

For your future consideration, here are Uncut's Top 10 movies from this year's Cannes Film Festival...

Keith Richards in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End – the UNCUT review

Keef, comedy monkeys and Keira’s chin.

Joy Division, the Coen Brothers and Michael Moore

In which Stephen Dalton files his first report from this year's Cannes Film Festival...

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