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Latitude: Overheard Conversations Part 4

The good folk of Latitude are becoming more lucid and lyrical, as guest blogger Terry Staunton has discovered...

Latitude: t-shirt slogans and “Spiritual doorbells”

Here's some lists compiled by the UNCUT collective here at Latitude.

Latitude: Phill Jupitus, Frankie Boyle, yet more Ross Noble

We are, of course, victims to the capricious whims of fate – particularly in relation to the wind and the tricksy way it displaces sound at festivals. You might, for instance, find yourself bewitched by some contemporary ballet going on down by the lake, only for the mournful hymns of a lone cellist who’s soundtracking the dance to be rudely drowned out by some shouty indie band on a nearby stage.

Latitude: More Overheard Conversations

Our man in the battered cowboy hat, Terry Staunton, has been out earwigging on festival goers conversations. Here's his latest report from the frontline of Latitude...

Latitude: Last night: Queen! Blur! Ghostbusters!

So it's official, then. The song of choice for nocturnal dancing shenanigans is Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", which I've heard something like six times at various locations over the last two nights. Last night, it was at the Lake Stage, courtesy of My Ex Boyfriends' Records, and then in the Sunrise Arena, being played by the chaps at Feeling Gloomy. I assume Sean Rowley also played it, over at Guilty Pleasures, but to be honest I didn't make it that far out into the site last night. And anyway, there was a Bugsy Malone theme at Guilty Pleasures, and I clean forgot to bring my spats with me.

Latitude: Random after dark encounters

Since you were asking, here's some competitive prices from various food retailers:

Overheard Conversations Part 2

Once again, we've been ear-wigging for words of wisdom from Latitude's great unwashed...

Latitude: Seasick Steve

"I had a dog. He died about a year ago. His name was Boss. This is for my dog. I miss my dog."

Latitude: More Arctic Monkey sightings, Ross Noble, Bill Bailey

While John seems to have found his Latitude highlight, I've got to say I've found mine, too. Nicholas Parsons, come on down. Oh, and Sheffield's finest enjoy a Man Balancing Ball On His Head race down at the lake.

Latitude: Our Ten Funniest Overheard Conversations

Guest blogger Terry Staunton has been eavesdropping on the conversations of others to discover just what Latitude punters are talking about...

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