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2009 Top 100: The Top 20

Previously: 100-81, 80-61, 60-41, 40-21.

The Best Of 2009

The new issue of Uncut should be out any day now, featuring our thoroughly extensive Best Of 2009 coverage: the Top 50 albums of the year, best reissues, best comps/boxsets, films, DVDs, books and so on.

The 39th Uncut Playlist Of 2009

“Uncut never ceases to find ways to analyze music by dumping on anything American,” notes a correspondent on the still-entertaining Bob Dylan Christmas thread, which isn’t one of the more typical criticisms we hear levelled at the magazine. He also accuses me of using the word “Americana” “as if it’s a swear”. Wow.

The Uncut Music Award 2009

The second annual Uncut Music Award launches today (September 23) as we reveal our longlist of albums in the running for the prize to reward the "most inspiring and rewarding musical experience" of the past year.

My Favourite Albums Of 2009: Halftime Report

A message that one of the Uncut team, Bud Scoppa, had filed his Top 25 tracks of the last six months inspired me this morning to do something similar.

Club Uncut @ The Great Escape: The Acorn, The Week That Was, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, DM Stith – 14/05/09

Club Uncut is back at The Great Escape, and this year proceedings are taking place in the civilised surroundings of the Pavilion Theatre.

Magik Markers: “Balf Quarry”

Some very satisfying words in album titles this week, if you’ll forgive the fairly tangential way of starting a blog: “Veckatimest”, “Bitte Orca”, and today, “Balf”. “Balf Quarry” is the new album from the Magik Markers – according to the sleevenotes, “A stone quarry in Hartford, CT which has mined traprock since the earliest days of the city.”

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