Hear Devendra Banhart’s new single, “Abre Las Manos”

Inspired by his relationship with his motherland, Venezuela

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Devendra Banhart’s new album Ma will be issued by Nonesuch on September 13.

Following the previously released “Kantori Ongaku”, you can listen to another song from it, “Abre Las Manos”, below:

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Sung in Spanish with a title that translates as “Open Your Hands”, the song is inspired by Banhart’s relationship with his motherland, Venezuela.

“My brother is in Venezuela, my cousins, my aunts and uncles,” he explains, “They are just holding their breath, in gridlock standstill. Maybe there is more Spanish writing on Ma because of the helplessness I’m feeling, it’s on my mind more than ever. I was thinking about the sorrow of having to put a child up for adoption, loving that child but not being with them, for whatever reason. That child is out in the world and you have to love them from afar. And that is exactly how I have felt observing the situation in Venezuela. There’s this helplessness, this place that has been a mother to you, that you’re a mother to as well, and it’s suffering so much. There is nothing you can do but send out love and remain in that sorrowful state.”

You can check out the English translation of the lyrics to “Abre Las Manos” below and pre-order Ma here.


“Open Your Hands”

Open your wings the world awaits you
a surprise that God keeps you

Open your hands the sky keeps you
A gift that is only for you

The green of your hair
And the blue of your skin
Love is a mirror
Where nobody sees

Look at your eyes and look at your soul
A little leaf in the love tree

Open your eyes see who loves you
A branch branch branch branch

Your god is goddess
It cannot be different

My goddess is your god
Do not stop people

Look at the supply covered with blood
I was looking for you but there is nobody

Look at the museum was destroyed
For people who never
I had entered

Look at the line, a thousand hours
There is my aunt waiting for her bread

What percentage of people gone hungry
Is necessary for something to change

Yesterday my neighbor was kidnapped
I wanted to tell you but that’s nothing

Open your hands the world awaits you
A gift that is only for you

It’s just for you
It’s just for you
It’s just for you

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