Jenny Lewis on her favourite music: “It’s pretty magical stuff”

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A ‘morphine drip’ of an album
Getatchew Mekurya
Ethiopiques, Vol. 14: Negus Of Ethiopian Sax

This is instrumental with a lot of saxophone, I think baritone or tenor sax. It’s the equivalent of a morphine drip, you know, or honeyslides – like Neil Young was supposed to have had around On The Beach. It’s very, very strong, high in THC. This Ethiopiques album is a reedy, beautiful record that lulls you to sleep. I absolutely love it. There’s so much amazing African music, I mean, I know so little about it, but especially from the 1970s, it’s just so interesting – that and Jamaican music.



A compilation to make anyone feel better
Bob Marley And The Wailers
Fy-Ah Fy-Ah

I like when American music makes its way around the world and then gets filtered back through another country. This is early Wailers, and the singing on it is so fucking good. I was looking for something to play as pre-show music. You can never just allow the venue to put their music on before your show, ’cause it really could be anything… And it’s funny to look into the crowd and see the little teenagers bopping their heads to Bob Marley. Put this on – you’ll be feeling much better very quickly.

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