Jenny Lewis on her favourite music: “It’s pretty magical stuff”

From The Durutti Column to Emmylou Harris

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My dressing room soundtrack
The Durutti Column
Amigos Em Portugal

I toured with The Postal Service last year, and in the dressing room we had a record player, and Jimmy [Tamborello] would go out in the town where we were and buy a bunch of records. Jimmy bought this, and we would listen to it backstage, before playing the Barclays Center and headlining Lollapalooza, all these monumental shows. I assumed that it was some sort of world music, but then when you find out it’s world music through this Manchester filter it’s really fucking cool.


An album that reminds me of my father
The War On Drugs
Lost In The Dream


This record has been on constant rotation since it came out. My dad was from Philadelphia, and so although I’ve never lived in Philly I feel somewhat connected to Philly bands. My dad was in a comedy harmonica troupe. He got a start at a really famous harmonica school in Philadelphia, and initially learned how to play on a wax harmonica, so the legend goes. So whenever I listen to these Philly bands, I imagine a lonely harmonica solo off in the distance.


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