Jenny Lewis on her favourite music: “It’s pretty magical stuff”

From The Durutti Column to Emmylou Harris

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An album to cook pot roasts to
Cass McCombs
Wit’s End

I bought a cassette copy of Wit’s End a couple of years ago at the Bowery Ballroom, when I went to see Cass McCombs by myself. I must have listened to that cassette in my kitchen a thousand times. It’s just the perfect music for any occasion: a party, making breakfast, making a pot roast, watering your plants – I mean, it’s just so good, and “County Line” is a true classic song. It has actually improved my cooking, yeah – pot roasts with some Cass McCombs are a little bit more tender.



My favourite living lyricist
Bill Callahan
Dream River

I’m really impressed by records that are 10 or fewer songs – it’s way easier to include everything, but being able to edit yourself and your material and choose the essence of what you want to say is hard. Bill Callahan is maybe my favourite lyricist that’s still living – he just invokes such a specific feeling. Sometimes his songs are like movies. He just put out a record of dub remixes of Dream River, called Have Fun With God. It’s great! The “Javelin Unlanding” remix is pretty sick.


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