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The 13th Uncut Playlist Of 2014

Some highlights to see/hear this week: Neil Young playing “Thrasher” for the first time (technically, second time I think) in 36 years; well over an hour of amazing Can footage from 1970; the new Jack White track; and Olga Bell’s album, which seems to suggest that I prefer the Dirty Projectors, or at least their spin-offs, when the singing is in Russian.

The 13th Uncut Playlist Of 2013

In haste, and listening to an unexpected return to music from Douglas Hart as I type. Twenty-one items on the playlist this week, mostly approved. Special attention here, I think, for the new Oh Sees album (that’s the sleeve above), which very much builds on “Purifiers II”. Increasingly keen on the James Blake, too, especially the RZA track.

The 13th Uncut Playlist Of 2012

Hopefully those of you who subscribe to Uncut will be starting to receive your copies of the new issue this morning (For the rest of you, it should be on sale tomorrow).

The 13th Uncut Playlist Of 2011

An abundance of goodness here, beginning with the great new Raphael Saadiq album, and a wonderful and unexpected return to form from The Beastie Boys.

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