Jeff Beck

An Audience With… Jeff Beck

Original Yardbirds members Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja take us through their career in pictures in the latest Uncut, dated April 2013 and out now. Jeff Beck, perhaps the band’s most explosive lead guitarist, took on questions from Uncut readers and famous fans in our March 2010 issue (Take 154), answering queries on haircuts, hot rods and playing with, er, Beverley Craven… Interview: John Lewis __________________________

Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck to host Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp

The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck are to host a Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas. The 'camp' takes place from April 18-21 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, where attendees will learn songwriting tips from the legendary Beach Boys singer and guitar lessons from Jeff Beck. In addition to practicing and recording music with the two legends, the 'campers' will also get the chance to perform at MGM Grand's Rouge Lounge at the end of the four-day session. There will also be an attendees-only gig by Brian Wilson.

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