Sleaford Mods: “I’m one of those twats who voted Green and wanted a Labour government”

Jason Williamson discusses politics and new LP Key Markets in the new Uncut

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Sleaford ModsJason Williamson discusses politics and the duo’s new album, Key Markets, in the latest issue of Uncut, dated August 2015 and on sale now.

Williamson talks about his lyrics’ increasing “randomness”, and also reveals what sparked his criticism of model David Gandy on the song “Giddy On The Ciggies”.

Discussing how he voted in last month’s General Election, the vocalist and lyricist says: “[I voted] Green, which I regret. I’m one of these twats who voted Green and wanted a Labour government. I should’ve voted Labour. I hated their manifesto – so fucking vague, it could have been a recipe for a Bakewell tart. But they’d have brought some compassion.


“I’ve seen the people bearing the brunt of Tory policy – disabled people, single mothers who’ve lost benefits trying to survive on 17 hours work a week. I mean, fuck off.”

The new issue of Uncut is out now.

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