Roger Waters reignites Pink Floyd feud

"David thinks that he is Pink Floyd and I'm irrelevant"

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Following his socially distanced performance of “Mother” earlier this week, Roger Waters has released a video announcement claiming that he has been “banned” from the official Pink Floyd website and social media accounts.

“One and a half million of you have viewed our new version of ‘Mother’, which is lovely… but it does bring up the question of why is this video not available on a website that calls itself the Pink Floyd website?” he asks in a video posted to his own Twitter account. “Well the answer to that is because nothing from me is on the website, I am banned by David Gilmour from the website.

“About a year ago I convened a sort of Camp David for the surviving members of Pink Floyd… where I proposed all kinds of measures to get past this awful impasse… it bore no fruit, I’m sorry to say. But one of the things that I asked for, I suggested that because whoever the 30 million of you are who subscribe to the web page, you do so because of the body of work that the five of us created… in consequence it seems to me that it would be fair and correct that we should have equal access to you all.


“David thinks he owns it. I think he thinks that because I left the band in 1985 that he owns Pink Floyd, that he is Pink Floyd, and that really I’m irrelevant and I should just keep my mouth shut.”

Waters then cites “rumblings and grumblings in the ranks” about how the Pink Floyd website has promoted Gilmour and Polly Samson’s weekly livestreams pertaining to her new novel, but none of Waters’ own recent projects. “This is wrong! We should rise up! Or, just change the name of the band to Spinal Tap and then everything will be hunkydory.”

Watch the full video below:


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