Watch: A de-aged Paul McCartney in video for “Find My Way” featuring Beck

Watch as a digitally de-aged McCartney dances his way through the halls of a hotel

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Paul McCartney has shared a trippy new video for his latest single, “Find My Way”, featuring Beck.

Taken from the Beatles legend’s most recent album, McCartney III: Imagined – a reworking of last year’s McCartney III – the “Find My Way” visuals sees a digitally de-aged McCartney dance the halls of a hotel before being transported to various other locations.

The colourful, disco-inspired video – which has a big reveal at the end – was directed by Andrew Donoho (Janelle Monae, The Strokes) and co-produced with Hyperreal Digital, which specialises in the creation of hyper-realistic digital avatars.


“The technology to de-age talent and have them perform in creative environments like this is now fully-realised, even with one of the most recognised faces in the world,” Hyperreal’s CEO Remington Scott said of the technology used in the video.

Watch the video for “Find My Way” below:

The digital version of McCartney III: Imagined was released back in April. It will be available on vinyl, CD and cassette from July 23. Shop here.

Earlier this month, Disney+ confirmed that Paul McCartney‘s forthcoming docu-series McCartney 3,2,1 will air in the UK on the streaming service next month.

The upcoming six-episode documentary series already premiered in the US on Hulu last week but it has now been confirmed that viewers in the UK will get to see the first episode on August 25.


Meanwhile, Beck has rescheduled his forthcoming UK tour to 2022 and has added several new dates.

Originally published on NME

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