Patrick Wolf to debut new song and cover Grace Jones at Latitude!

Patrick Wolf, the South London born avant-garde multi-intrumentalist who has just released his fourth album The Bachelor, speaks to about his forthcoming appearance at Latitude 2009...

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Patrick Wolf, the South London born avant-garde multi-intrumentalist who has just released his fourth album The Bachelor, speaks to about his forthcoming appearance at Latitude 2009…

Patrick WolfYou’re currently on a lengthy US tour, before hitting Europe, have you noticed any differences in how you are received by fans on both sides of the water?

I have travelled my music around the world for over six years now and so I think it’s most fair to go onstage without any preconceptions about an audience. Like a science experiment where two chemicals come together and make a spontaneous unknown reaction. Every person in every audience deserves the right to be able to listen outside of their nationality I think. But America has been instantly accepting and encouraging to me, I don’t feel like I have to justify my music or vision there. The British like to bitch about their natives. Perhaps there is more scrutiny if I behave “obscenely” onstage in America but I don’t feel like I am alive without causing a little controversy now and again.

Live, do you have to prepare any differently, mentally, when playing large festival shows compared to your own club shows?

Me and my band have to make it more like a solid steel hit factory, at festivals no one ever gets to sound check and often you’re playing to a lot of people who are hearing you for the first time, so its a matter of streamlining and getting a bit tougher and louder.

How much new material will you play at Latitude? Do you have time to write even newer stuff whilst on the road?

There is a big hit song that I have been sitting on for the sequel to The Bachelor that I have plans to debut at Latitude.

If it goes down well, then I will enter it into the eurovision song contest. No joke.

You’re playing the main stage at a lot of big festivals this summer, including Latitude and Reading, how does that feel? Is it like being promoted?! Will there be any surprises, i.e. guests/ cover versions?

All i know is that I’m a put-on-a-show kinda girl and the bigger the stage, the bigger the show.

You’re playing the main stage the same evening as Ms Grace Jones – will you be watching her perform? Are there any other bands on Saturday that you’ll be checking out? Eg, Doves, Spiritualized??

To play on the same stage as Grace Jones is such an honor, its like winning a spiritual Grammy. I cannot express what this existence of her artistic output means to me in words so I am going to be expressing it through music and passion on the night and yes I plan to cover a grace classic.

You’re going straight to Berlin after your slot, do you wish you could spend more time at the festival?

I have tried to get all my family and friends down to Latitude this year, I think its a beautiful peaceful idyll of a festival, I always wish I had more time to spend time doing the things I love to do. But the show must go on and I’ll go wherever the music takes me.

What is your top festival survival tip?

Safe sex and don’t lose your virginity unless he/she can name at least FIVE Joni Mitchell albums.

Patrick Wolf plays the Obelisk Arena on Saturday 18th July, 2009


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