Introducing The Beatles Miscellany & Atlas

A left-field history of the Fab Four: in lists, graphs, maps, numbers, seating plans, houses, merchandise, valuable ephemera items, and of course, their entire UK discography

Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner: “I try not to think a lot about past work”

The pandemic has brought back into focus the qualities that inspired Kurt Wagner to make music in the first place. But as a new album ushers in yet another new era for Lambchop, there’s no danger of him dwelling on his many former glories

Liz Phair: “I’ve had to pick myself up from being dead many times”

After an 11-year absence, Liz Phair has returned to reclaim her title of fearless songwriting superstar. But how has a song about Lou Reed, a country-rap crossover hit and her own trailblazing debut helped prepare her to re-enter the fray?

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