Deep Purple: “We were dangerous, unpredictable… it wasn’t cabaret”

The group take us through their career, album by album

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A meeting with producer Bob Ezrin proves instructive. An attempt to bottle live lightning in the studio prompts a generally exciting return.

IAN GILLAN: The fans wanted it, the label wanted it. No-one in the band was particularly interested in it – we’re basically a performing band, and we had all the material we needed.

ROGER GLOVER: There was some talk that we shouldn’t do albums anymore. But we’re an albums band and if it’s out of fashion or not, I think we have to stick to who we are. We did start thinking about it two years ago – we had a writing session in Spain. Some of the key ideas came from that session. Then a year ago Bob Ezrin came to see us in Toronto and he just inspired us. The next writing session we had in Dusseldorf in a big hangar, was with two words of his in mind: “stretch out”.


IAN PAICE: We met with him in Canada and we realised we were all on the same page: to try and catch in the studio some of the magic that goes on onstage – which happens and then is gone. Bob said, “That’s what you want to capture.” There’s a lot of musicality in the old records. We took a couple of weeks in a soundstage in a town in Germany and chucked ideas out. We honed them, sent the ideas to Bob and after that it became easy.

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