Black Sabbath: “The Eagles were recording next door, but we were too loud for them”

Album by album with the Midlands metal pioneers

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Vertigo, 1972
The band set up shop in America. Contains the mighty “Supernaut” and scenes of drug use.

TONY: We’d moved out to California. We had all the gear set up in the bar and we just had a great time playing and doing lots of coke. It was very much influenced by the coke.
GEEZER: It was a bit nuts at the house. We had all these mad fights with hoses and stuff. It was the first time we’d all lived together, and the first time we’d got into cocaine.
OZZY: Drugs became a part of Sabbath. We had the Egon Ronay map of cocaine dealers.
GEEZER: It was all the top dealers we were getting, so they’d come with bodyguards, armed with machine guns. They’d come up with these soap powder boxes filled with cocaine.
OZZY: We were originally going to call that album ‘Snowblind’ – if you look in the sleeve you can see we thank the “COKE-Cola company of Los Angeles”. People think it was a spelling mistake. I look back on it, and say, “Why am I still alive?” When you write on cocaine, you think everything you write is magic, but there was so much of that shit we never used.


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