Black Sabbath: “The Eagles were recording next door, but we were too loud for them”

Album by album with the Midlands metal pioneers

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World Wide Artists, 1973
The band stretch scaly wings: castles, funk, riffs… Rick Wakeman!

TONY: We’d done the same thing – we went to the same house, the same studio, but it just wasn’t working out.
GEEZER: We thought it might be the end. We got to LA, and they’d changed the studio. Stevie Wonder had bought half of the studio and put a synth in there. What you do on your laptop now took a whole studio then.
TONY: We ended up starting again in England. We went to Clearwell Castle in Wales. We wanted to create a vibe, so we rehearsed in the dungeons.
OZZY: We used to play tricks on each other, and pretend the castle was haunted. We’d have a few beers and then plant a bug in someone’s room and start making noises, like fucking schoolkids.
GEEZER: Tony said, “Let’s give it one more try.” And he came out with the “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” riff, and we just went, “Yes!” We stretched ourselves a bit on that one… we needed to. We’d learned a lot more musically. Rick Wakeman’s on it.
OZZY: In my opinion we should have folded after that. By this time, we’d realised the manager was ripping us off: we had lawsuits, and people serving us. That was our last joint effort.


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