First Look — Sam Rockwell in Moon

In an era where science fiction movies are, perhaps aptly, about pushing forward the boundaries of digital technology, it’s refreshing to find a movie like Moon, which seemingly makes a virtue of its analog approach to film making. This is, I think, the first film to rely almost completely on model work, as opposed to CGI, since Blade Runner in 1982. In fact, on almost every level, Moon is retrofitted sci-fi, most conspicuously indebted to movies like Silent Running, Solaris, 2001 and Alien. It’s almost as if Star Wars never happened.

The 16th Playlist Of 2009

Not strictly an office playlist this week, since I haven’t actually been near the Uncut office for the past week and a half. Instead, here’s what I’ve been listening to at home, out and about in the sun, and so on.

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