Prison Break Season 2 Part 1

Gripping US drama - now in it's second series

More Smashing Pumpkins rage, plus Robert Forster on Bob Dylan

A brief dispatch, since I'm fending off hordes of enraged Smashing Pumpkins fans, some of them Argentinian. My crimes are many, but involve bad grammar, liking Zwan and, OK, disrespecting the the untouchable genius of Billy Corgan.

Ten Years Ago This week

Public Enemy figurehead Chuck D makes his debut as a commentator on the Fox News Channel in the US. His first broadcast includes his thoughts about the ongoing trial of alleged bomber Timothy McVeigh, OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark's new book, a brawl during a New York Knicks basketball game, Tiger Woods' multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with American Express, and blockbuster movie The Lost World.

Wilco, Dylan and Sky Blue Sky

It may not be the most wholly misunderstood album since Bob Dylan's Planet Waves, but as John pointed out in his Wild Mercury Sound blog yesterday, Wilco's new Sky Blue Sky has split their traditionally loyal critical fanbase.

More Smashing Pumpkins, more Wilco and Bill Fay, plus Ghost live!

First, a couple of housekeeping things. Thanks for all your comments on the Smashing Pumpkins review from last week. In response to TROY, yes, I have definitely heard the album and, yes, I guess I have bad taste according to your criteria. Sorry! If I can just point out again, though, that if I leaked my copy of "Zeitgeist", the iron fist of Warner Brothers would crush this blog instantly. So no go, guys.

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