Featuring the Ramones, Patti Smith, The Modern Lovers and some undiscovered treats


Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

Ohio art-school boppers Devo morphed into a vaguely sci-fi novelty act, scoring a major US hit with 1980’s “Whip It”, but their 1978 debut was grimmer and greyer. Produced by Brian Eno – with a little help from David Bowie – Q: Are We Not Men? fleshes out founder members Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh’s dystopian vision of de-evolution: mankind’s gradual descent back into ape-like idiocy. Their rinky-dink reworking of The Rolling Stones’ “…Satisfaction” symbolised the dark underpinning of their signature tune, the Frank Zappa twitch “Jocko Homo”: “We’re pinheads now, we are not whole,” Casale barks. Wholly disconcerting. JW


Parallel Lines


Ultra-slick and disco-literate, Blondie’s third album propelled US punk into another stratosphere. Regarded as lightweights by snarkier New York contemporaries, Blondie embraced their pop instincts by hiring Mike Chapman to oversee Parallel Lines, with the Sweet and Suzi Quatro producer corralling an odd ragbag of material – there are writing credits for five of the band’s six members, plus three cover versions – into a cogent whole. “Heart Of Glass” gave them a No 1 on both sides of the Atlantic, but the more nuanced “11:59” and “Fade Away And Radiate” hold their own amid a glut of hits. JW


So Alone
REAL, 1978

Recorded in London after The Heartbreakers’ dissolution, Thunders and co-producer Steve Lillywhite assembled a veritable supergroup for his solo debut: the core is Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook and Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott on bass, with backing spots for Steve Marriott, Chrissie Hynde, The Only Ones’ Peter Perrett, and Heartbreakers Walter Lure and Billy Rath. Built around Thunders’ brawling guitar and endless love of rock’n’roll, doo wop, R’n’B, surf tunes and girl groups, it’s a swaggering, trashy, magnificently messy affair but spiked with surprisingly tender, painful introspection as in the masterly epitaph, “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory”. DL

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  • Pakalika

    No Red Rockers!! America’s Clash!

  • davbee

    Hello? X Los Angeles?

  • Равкус Бродски

    fuck those bands

  • BigRaguPDX

    Hmm…I have from Jim Carroll 1980 to Husker Du 1982. Somebody asleep at the editing wheel

  • Phil Baird

    No Mink De Ville ? You couldn’t get much more punk attitude than Willy. No Cramps either ? How could these two bands be omitted ? I’ve always thought too that the first Alice Cooper band had punk written all over it.

  • GB Mck

    No Dead Kennedys or Fugazi?? Strange,

  • Dead Kennedys. Dead Kennedys. Dead Kennedys.

  • Varden Longraf

    for fucks sakes
    wheres the queers a day and a dollar short?
    besides there are a few on here that definitely aren’t punk rock as much as I do like em like devo for example

  • Luis Manuel Sanchez Suarez

    Social Distortion? Rancid? D-Generation?

  • Andy Ramesh Meyers

    list skips from album 25 to 38..

  • FOX is a POX on US

    Not a bad list but it omits too many great west coast albums, such as Meat Puppets II and the Minutemen’s “Double Nickels On The Dime” majesty.