Latitude 2009

Latitude: Overheard Conversations 2

Michael Bonner

We've been ear-wigging on your behalf again, to bring you sagest, most insightful snippets of overheard conversations. Behold, the latest musings from Latitude's fields of philosophers.

1. "There should be an emancipation tent here, where cool kids can go and divorce their ridiculously-dressed parents."

2. "He's coming back. Change the subject and hide the brie."

3. Man walking past the comedy tent: "I've seen him on that telly panel show. He sits next to the funny one."

4. "Ding-chicky, ding-chicky, ding ding chick. That's exactly how the chorus goes. I can't believe you don't know it!"

5. "The only thing more ludicrous than a poet talking about typos in the American Declaration of Independence is the fact that 30-odd people are listening to him and nodding."

6. Girl shouting into mobile: "I'm at a festival...! Not sure, Altitude I think...! Let me check with Stacy and ring you back!"

7. "I remember nothing about Bat For Lashes apart from holding on to some rope. It was brilliant."

8. "I'm not entirely against jewellery on men, but that bracelet crosses the line into utter faggotry."

9. "I've got jam. Shit, I've got jam." A punter falls foul of the glass container ban at the festival entrance.

10. "Wait for me while I go to the loo. You can't dance to the Pet Shop Boys with a full colon."


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