The xx’s Jamie Smith building ‘new instrument’

The xx's Jamie Smith has revealed that he is working on building a brand new instrument based on both an MPC sequencer and an iPad. The producer and DJ told the Observer that he is planning on making a see-through device which will make music via "colourful graphics" and finger taps. The band's vocalist Oliver Sim also explained that he has written a song for Beyonce. He said that he has written a track which isn't right for The xx, but which he hopes Beyonce would like to record "if he can work up the courage to ask".

The xx: ”Coexist’ doesn’t seem a world away from our debut’

Romy Madley Croft of The xx has said that the band's forthcoming second album, 'Coexist' – which is due for release on September 10 – isn't a "world away" from their eponymous 2010 debut. Speaking in Rolling Stone, she said that the new record "carries on" what they were doing on xx. She said: "It just sort of carries it on. It's developed, but it doesn't seem like completely a world away. I hope people will just enjoy it as a development of where we were before."

The xx unveil details of second album Coexist

The xx have announced that their second album, released on September 10, is to be titled Coexist. The London trio, who played six new songs at their live comeback in the capital last month, recorded the follow-up to their 2009 self-titled debut in their own London studio. The band's Jamie Smith once again took on production duties on the album, which they began work on in early November 2011 before completing the sessions last month. Speaking to NME, singer and guitarist Romy Madley Croft said the new songs show the evolution of the band over the past few years.


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