Johnny Cash

April 2014

No-one who saw Little Feat at their peak will want to contest Jon Dale's description of them later in this issue as one of the greatest American bands of their era. Their records were great, but live they were sensational - at least until a not unusual mix of drugs and personality clashes ruined them.

Johnny Cash – “There will never be another Cash. Never…”

Everyone knows the mythical image of The Man In Black. But the truth about Johnny Cash was a whole lot more complicated. A “folk hero for the world”, and a humble man who struggled with addiction for his entire life. In this archive feature from Uncut’s February 2009 issue (Take 141), we present a revelatory new portrait of Cash’s life. We talk to many of the people who knew him best – the children, the bandmates, the managers, the peers – and discover the unexpurgated truth about this titan of American music. “He survived,” says his one-time son-in-law, “what Elvis didn’t…” Words: Alastair McKay

Johnny Cash to be honoured with commemorative stamp

Johnny Cash is set to grace a tribute stamp in the United States. The late country singer is to be honoured with a commemorative stamp produced by the United States Postal Service, writes Beyond The Perf. The Cash tribute stamp will be produced as part of the Music Icons series and will feature a photograph taken by Frank Bez during the sessions for 1963's 'Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash'.

April 2012

David Bowie, as we are often reminded, is among many other things a master of reinvention. It seems more than a little appropriate then that he's on the cover of this month's issue.

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