Various Artists – Feedback To The Future

The shoegazing revival starts here. Apparently

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Starring the wave of MBV acolytes who comprised Britain’s shoegazing scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s, this lost generation should fit the gap in your memory between baggy and Britpop. Neither as visionary as the Valentines nor as narcodisiac as Spacemen 3, these bands?Ride, Lush, Slowdive, etc?shared a love of floppy fringes, stripey tops and adenoidal vocals over dreamy swathes of feedback.

There’s much to get itchy about: as the sleevenotes admit, the compilers couldn’t get rights to the Valentines, Chapterhouse, Curve or early Boo Radleys, which would’ve sharpened the focus. Some of the choices are questionable, too?we get Pale Saints’ “Sea Of Sound” when surely the hypnotic “Sight Of You” would be the obvious choice. Highlights predictably include Ride’s mighty “Like A Daydream”, Lush’s gtddying “Deluxe” and Yank interlopers Drop Nineteens’ fuzzy “Winona”. Ethereal.


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