Various Artists – Buddyhead Presents: Gimme Skelter

Feisty, top-drawer compilation from Californian shit-stirrers

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For a label/website that prides itself on iconoclasm, Buddyhead has solid ties to the rock hierarchy, albeit its quasi-insurrectionary wing. Where this sort of indie/punk compilation is usually dominated by the semi-known, Gimme Skelter comes packaged with illustrations by fine artist Raymond Pettibon, and is dominated by Iggy Pop, who MCs and adds some bilious song sketches. Worth picking up, especially for “New York Is Beating Its Chest… Again”, a hilarious rant against “fatuous little bastard” Moby.

Other highlights: Wire, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mudhoney; Primal Scream’s “Shoot Speed/Kill Light” live in Japan; Buddyhead mascots The Icarus Line standing out from the contingent of dronepunks with their malignant take on Spacemen 3’s “Losing Touch With My Mind”; and Iggy again, interviewed by the Canadian journalist Nardwuar The Human Serviette, whose dorky way of exasperating celebrities could teach Ali G plenty.


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