Artsy, twee, quietly mad label presents three collections of rarities

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Any room at the ’80s revival for the pseuds and wallflowers of Cherry Red Records? One suspects not. These retrospectives are a predictable mixture of the label’s precious, infuriating and occasionally lovely bands, united by label visionary Mike Alway’s meticulous aesthetic.

Perspectives And Distortion is an Alway compilation from 1981 centred around what we might call an effete avant-garde, and spoiled by the lumbering quirks of Danielle Dax and Kevin Coyne.

Our Brilliant Careers harvests singles from 81-83, with the emphasis shifting to the wimpish indie that so influenced Sarah Records. Some nice moments from Everything But The Girl and the mightily jangly Fantastic Something.

A Fine Day… is more of the same from 83-85, anchored by Jane And Barton’s memorable, ingenuous song-poem “It’s A Fine Day”. A band called Grab Grab The Haddock, however, may stretch the patience of even the label’s feyest acolytes.


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