Urban Dub

Brilliant collection of contemporary dub instrumentals

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Founded by Roop, who first emerged on the scene during the acid house years, the Urban Dub collective draw on a righteous and ragged mix of rave, techno, reggae and, distantly, jazz and the avant-garde via their classically-trained saxophonist Marjorie Paris. Explicitly anti-capitalist and arising from squat culture, this is not the dog-on-a-string’s breakfast you might fear. Rather, it’s a series of mighty, mighty detonations combining nuclear dub with a contagiously joyful inventiveness that blows back and forth through every track here. Utterly recommended?go to their website, www.urbandub.com, for more info.


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Nirvana, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Altın Gün, Sly Stone, Grateful Dead, The Jam, Will Sergeant, Rodney Crowell, Sparks, Rodrigo Amarante, Lump, Jakob Dylan and PJ Harvey