The Warlocks – Phoenix

Drug-induced jams from Californian rockers

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With a band called The Warlocks and track titles including “Shake The Dope Out”, and “The Dope Feels Good”, it would appear that Phoenix is an album that’s been made under the influence of some pretty effective narcotics.

The follow-up to 2001’s debut Rise And Fall, the seven-strong collective occupy the same sonic territory as The Dandy Warhols’ underrated Come Down. Hazy guitars sprawl lazily over 10 tracks and 64 minutes, accompanied by two heavy drum kits and Bobby Hecksher’s cryptic vocals. While “Hurricane Heart Attack” has the Spacemen 3 angle licked, “Baby Blue” is the surprise highlight, a gorgeous, twinkling pop song reminiscent of Air’s “Sexy Boy”.


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