The Ramones

Final four studio albums from da Brudders, with bonus tracks

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The Ramones’ final albums show a band struggling on, rarely inspired. Brain Drain (1989), produced by Bill Laswell, finds original drummer Marky back, yet the sound’s too heavy, as if trying to emulate that era’s metal bands. By 1992’s Mondo Bizarro, Dee Dee’s left but still contributing songs, yet nothing suggests the old magic.

The following year’s Acid Eaters finds the band covering their favourite ’60s hits. Tackling Love, Creedence, The Who, Jan & Dean, Dylan, Stones, Seeds, The Raiders, Ted Nugent and The Troggs, they sound relaxed, melodic ? easily their best album in a decade. Adios Amigos opens with Tom Waits’ “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”, closes with Mot


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