The Mick Fleetwood Band – Something Big

Hang on to that day job, Mick

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For his new band project, Mick Fleetwood uses players better known behind the scenes, rather than making it a star-studded affair. Whatever the label says, this is essentially singer/guitarist Todd Smallwood’s album. He has a hand in writing all but one of the songs, Fleetwood taking co-credit only on the drum-fuelled “Passion” which, we’re sad to relate, is no Tusk. “No Borders” drags on board Fleetwood’s long-time partner John McVie and lost Mac slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer. It’s a nod to his past on an album that might actually have been exhumed from incarceration 30 years ago. Well intentioned, well executed, but for Fleetwood Mac completists only.


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