The Human League – The Very Best Of

Greatest hits (again) plus recent acclaimed remixes

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While everyone including the chaps who commission car ads and their wives remembers the vivid Abba-gone-robot delights of “Don’t You Want Me” and “Love Action”, the wry, implicitly Northern nostalgia of sadder songs like “Life On Your Own” and “Louise” grows more touching with each passing year.

A clutch of trendy, headache-inducing club remixes has revived the League’s fortunes, an entire disc of which here includes fashionably stuttering retoolings from Groove Collision, The Strand and Fluke. Oddly, none of them seize upon the then-radical blue-prints of “Being Boiled” or “Empire State Human”, but there’s enough fascination amid the weeps’n’bleeps to keep feeling it.


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