The Good Old Naughty Days

Starring some nuns, a pair of naughty schoolgirls, a dog, and an animated man with a huge willy

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Ah, porn! We tend to think of it as pushing the envelope every year like, say, mobile phones or computer games with different (ahem) knobs on. But here comes The Good Old Naughty Days, a compilation of mostly French one-reel porn shorts made in the 1920s to illustrate just how wrong that assumption is. Although in black and white and featuring rather more cellulite than is fashionable now, these mini films prove the lexicon of on-screen shagging has barely changed in 80 years. S&M, gay sex, anal, fellatio, threesomes and foursomes, it’s all there folks, plus bestiality (with a sweet-looking pooch), which you’d never get away with these days. The only thing that’s really different from current porn is that the women don’t fake big noisy orgasms and mostly smile rather wanly while being pleasured. This is basically hardcore stuff?being shown in the UK only in appropriately licensed venues.


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