The AM

Debut from NYC trio featuring ex-Jeff Buckley band guitarist Michael Tighe and drummer Parker Kindred

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Since, remarkably, it’s been six years since his friend Jeff Buckley drowned, you might rightly presume Tighe (who sings and writes the bulk of The AM’s songs) has had some (for want of a less American word) issues to work out.

Co-author of “So Real” (from Grace) and “Moodswing Whiskey” (from the live Mystery White Boy), here Tighe explores his Prince, Bolan and Television influences: terse, clipped funk and rattling glam/new wave/psychedelia that’s sometimes (as on “Utopia”) reminiscent of much-missed operatic art-punks Shudder To Think on a budget. An odd, involving record; a showcase trove of marvellously inventive guitar noise with moments of surprising intimacy: The AM deserves both a more spendy production/remix and a life beyond the shadow of its makers’ history.


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