Ten Benson – Danger Of Deaf

Premature best-of from rock nearly-men

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London-based quartet Ten Benson have been plugging their hard rock have been pluggiffs and caustic humour around the UK underground for the best part of a decade without ever troubling the mainstream. Danger Of Deaf is half best-of and half live album, featuring tracks culled from their two previous LPs (2000’s Hiss and last year’s Satan Kidney Pie) and re-recorded in one take to recreate the full Benson live experience. Overblown at the best of times, their AC/DC-aping rawk now begs comparison with Spinal Tap. The full catalogue of rock histrionics are employed here: distorted vocals from frontman Chris Teckkam, copious amounts of feedback and pitch-black lyrics. Novelty Christmas single “Black Snow” and the guitar riff on “Nobody’s Wife” are superb.

Impossible to take seriously, so just turn it up to 11.


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